Escape from the crocodile pond

Why is our economic system exactly like a crocodile pond? Why do we work based on struggle and competition? Why do companies take the last bite and let other companies bleed to death?

They do this because the economic system is connected to our reptile consciousness. They use the most primitive functions in a body: the own survival. Either you eat or I eat. And because we’re all crocodiles, this is how we treat each other, that’s the norm. It’s been like this since the dawn of time – History of the Western World often doesn’t go back any further than the period in which a region was conquered. Yet there is an exception to this rule. These last few years an industry sprouted up that is based on the concept of sharing. Open source, Free Software and Creative Commons have turned into regular names. Isn’t your book a CC, then I won’t take a peek 🙂

The worldwide programmer society showed me how to deal with power. Create your own rules. It can be done. You are not obliged to surrender the rights to something “above” yourself, like a company or a boss. When technicians don’t agree, they reach a solution without the need for a judge or referee. Working together and sometimes working by yourself. They don’t surrender the control over themselves, the power. Everybody “owns” their own work. How great the contrast with our “modern” democracy?