Taxes are the motor of every power. The point is, the Ones in Power have been replaced, together with capitalism by a community. The community shares among itself, no need for a central "power that commands". So there is no need for taxes, there is nobody to collect it!

Say you would collect taxes to pay for collective services, what would it look like in colourcash? When one of the colours Green or Blue is taxed, the tax service (?) breaks the cycle and this leads to more Blue. So we're left with the option to tax Red. What does a Red tax look like?

Labour could be taxed. The more you work, the more you earn. As punishment you're to pay.

It makes more sense to tax "Space". The more Space you use, the more Sun you could have captured, the higher your income could have been. You pay for this. When you run a Bonsai-nursery, small but labour intensive, you pay less tax than someone who has a field with cows. The owners of productive land share in the profits anyway (what else are you to do with tons of corn cobs?) I don't know what is to be taxed there.

During the Change over it is possible the Dutch State or her Tax Service comes knocking bearing a "blue letter", asking us to pay tax on our turnover, our income. And we'd have to pay Euro for our colours.

Just like the LETS systems, we could propose a maximum turnover. I know that in Utrecht the limit was 3000 stars. The Tax Bureau still has this rule on their website.

Essential here is that the Stars were linked to the Guilder. One star equalled 1 Guilder. In colourcash things are more complicated. There is no connection between the Euro and Colourcash. As a result you can't simply say; 3000 Red is the tax free ceiling because all rapports are different.

It gets even worse when you take into account that colourcash, being a closed system, is troubled by the State. It's because of the State there are such huge amounts of toxic substances on our fields. All Blue. The water, even the own well, often is polluted. All Blue. Shall we settle our health bills caused by the State by building a freeway next to our house so our kids all have asthma and we all suffer from a chronic frontal sinusitis?

No, the Tax Service will say, because we don't reckon in those weird Blue-units of yours. Neither do we reckon in those strange Euro, we say than. Good day to you!