What do you need Profit for? Is a normal, stable income not enough?

When I read the stock market pages in the newspaper, profit in itself isn’t enough either. The game is about profit growth. Every year your profit has to go up by say 10%, otherwise you should choose another investment.

Profit is the motif of people who only care about the result, get the result, harvest so to speak, and leave the next guy with the mess. I see profit as an extra, a bonus, a piece of “imbalance”. Soon enough this profit will be compensated by a loss. Am I in balance on a longer term?

Short term “profit hunting” is mainly caused because there is such a thing as interest. This is rather complicated, but most companies don’t care if long term investments don’t yield any results. Governments don’t plan long term either. Otherwise they would have dealt with pollution a long time ago.

The main goal is to get profit now. When something will give you 1 000 000 in profit in 2099, it isn’t interesting. Because of interest the cash value of “money” that I deposit now in the bank to get that money later is practically nil. You only have to put Euro 4430 in a bank account (2006 6% interest) to have 1000 000 in 2099. Nobody cares about that.

t’s essential that profit is about money. Logical? No, because I myself care more about living in a healthy house, good food and a comfortable life. You can’t eat profit.