An important tool for managing a country is statistics. In fact it’s a technique of numbers. This is the place to manipulate if you want to. How many unemployed people are there? That depends on the way you count them. A lot of unemployed people were put into welfare and are not included. How many people with work disability are there? That depends on the way you count them. A lot of disabled people are put into welfare and don’t count... How many people are there on the dole? Oh, we can get that info in a second!

The same goes for “the economy”. You know, our economic growth. President George W. Bush had to deal with a falling economy. He pumped over 70 billion dollars into the war with Iraq. Nice boost. All of a sudden the economy is attractive again. There you go!

When you listen to Business Radio, you hear all the numbers in percentages. The percent. All measures in nature have a unit, the way the litre and liquids go together. A percent doesn’t have that. The measure of a percent stands alone. A percent has no meaning by definition. A good reason not to use it. A unit of measure without content is the best guarantee for an empty... yes, content!