Competition is a habit that stems from envy. People don’t want to see the light shine in the neighbour's garden, and that is why we devise the most incredible tricks. I used to work in schools. You weren’t allowed to make bad news public, because then you would endanger the good name of the school, and the school wouldn’t attract new students. Cause; the other schools do the same. Schools compete with each other, they have to.

There are more examples of competition that clearly useless. But which competition we could define as “healthy” or “good”? When a milk factory wants to sell milk on a market 1000 kilometres away from the factory, it’s logical their prices will be a lot higher than the prices of the local farmers.

In colourcash there is no competition. Yet there are price differences. Far away is never advantageous for competition.

Consciousness - System - BehaviorThe relationship between consciousness, system and behaviour.

Because its origins are too far away. Because of the higher fuel costs, based on energetic valued, dragging stuff over long distances is discouraged. Yet you could buy bananas. But do we really need to eat African beans every day?