Traffic and Transport

You will have noticed we live in a world where the car plays an important role. When you, like me, don’t drive a car you probably still depend on it. I still do my shopping at the supermarket and the greengrocers. What will happen if their lorries stop driving? What will happen when you have to pay the real value of petrol?

I calculated how much energy petrol contains and then I compared it with the amount of work I do in a day. It’s a tragedy, but because a car is so heavy and drives so fast, you often use more energy in 10 or 20 kilometres than you can recover in a day. Or, you might as well not go to your place of work, you earn more. Even more advantageous is moving or looking for another job.

I am not going to speculate about future prices of petrol, not about the Euro price, nor in RGB, the colourcash currency. I just state that there is about 30 times more energy in a kilo of petrol than there is in a kilo of cauliflower. Whether that means petrol will be 30 times as expensive as cauliflower, who knows? The fact remains that it’s cheaper to get a bicycle. 30 kilos of cauliflower give me enough energy to pedal for about two weeks. And that gets me to France. That one kilo of petrol won’t even get me to Antwerp!