Art is the product of personal inner process. I myself never really understood art, but I do know that the first to quickly understand my lectures on colourcash are usually artists. I don’t have to explain them anything about colours for a start. Then they are locked, just like many other people, locked in an impossible position where on the one hand they have to make money and on the other hand want to make art. They also know everything about the value of money, or read Art: The artist often earns less than their agent or customer. The customers are prospectors, whilst the customers of farmers (who are also locked in the same position) are whole sale concerns and anonymous customers at an auction. All potatoes are the same (in a manner of speaking) but Art is a unique product.

However, Art is mainly a “Red” product within colourcash. Every painting has its weight. The Artist makes his money in “Red”. If he’s a painter and he works with natural paints, then Green also comes into play, if the paints are synthetic, then Blue comes into play. For the raw materials time will tell whether they are Green or Blue.