If you ever have tried to set up your own business, you know how hard it is to get the necessary permits. There are soooo many rules you have to comply with. You have to be in the right category. When you’re an outsider, it soon gets difficult, not to say impossible. Small entrepreneurs are countered on a grand scale because of permits. The Big Boys don’t seem to have any problems with all those permits. Especially environmental permits seem to be handed out like candy. And once the permits are obtained, there is no more control. There can’t be any more control, because the services in charge of controlling are way too small. Overtaxed and understaffed, they themselves are bound hand and feet by too many rules. The centralist government organizations are only able to go after the little guy, to make him close down his business. They won’t tackle the big companies, besides giving them a ridiculously small fine.

In colourcash we turn, you’ve guessed it, the whole thing upside down. There is no central government that decides who can and who can’t. You can do anything, but you are and remain responsible. And everything is seen by everyone. You can no longer dump some gas, at night when there is a strong wind blowing. This “missing gas” immediately shows up in the books.

Emission and control of permits are decentralized. The ones who decide whether company X can continue their activities in the economic cycle are the suppliers and the others in that cycle. There are millions of eyes and ears and they can all take a look at how business is run. No central government that doesn’t seem up to this task anyway, but a transparent, public network of people who work together. Together they grant you your permit! One case of “Brent Spar” and you’re out of business!