Permaculture is a contraction of permanent and agriculture. It means that the land should always be under cultivation and never left fallow.

But it goes a lot further than that. Permaculture is Bill Mollison's brain child. In permaculture, the designer's manual, his explanation is thus:

He realized the forest was constantly producing, only using energy of the sunlight and a fertile soil. There is no extra energy input and no waste.

This system thought is also at the base of the Enschede Vision, a document written by young engineers that was the base for the design of colourcash. Permaculture and colourcash have the seam ideological base. We can say that this type of agriculture and the economic system were made for each other. Optimal energy use, closed cycles and co- operation are principles both share.

Unfortunately, this is not a permaculture book. But, in order to achieve colourcash, I believe, we need to start off with permaculture. You can start in the garden or the balcony and grow some of your own food.

Isn't that strange? You have a book on economic theory and the author wants you to start growing a kitchen garden. Why not stick to the subject and tell us what economic initiatives are available just like this one?