Drugs & Medication

There are two kinds of drugs, prescription and over the counter drugs. Because we will keep a sharp eye on our suppliers in colourcash, all drugs are considered alike.

The cycle is essential in colourcash. A lot of drugs are chemical in nature: developed in a laboratory, tested in clinics and produced in petrochemical factories. Their production requires a lot of energy, as is the research and development of new medication. Very Red drugs, so to speak.

The cycle of these substances is very unclear. We know that our tap water contains hormone-type substances. State secretary Van Geel expresses his concern in the magazine Elsevier (5 July 2005). British tap water contains Prozac, a powerful anti-depressant. Chemical drugs are nice examples of Blue. Unless it’s proven the body destructs them into harmless, common substances, drugs are to be considered as 100% Blue. Their production is, per definition, out of balance. Because we’ve eliminated the “profit”, there is more space for cures and medications based on simple preparations using herbs and plants.

This biological “medicine farming” is in colourcash, a lot more profitable. It will be relatively easy to cultivate medicinal plants yourself, and are relatively Red inexpensive. When we don’t do any chemical tricks with the extracts, I assume, maybe not correctly, that these substances are absorbed in the cycle just as easily as we produce them. Whether they still end up on the Blue heap depends on our toilet habits, and not on the chemical nature of the substance.