The State only justifies its existence by the Money it emits. In that sense the Sovereign Dutch State has signed its own death penalty by changing the Guilder with the Euro. You can also see that its power gets less and less by the day, in favour of EU, NATO, WTO etc.

By not recognizing the Currency of the State, I run the risk of being arrested as Enemy of the State. And rightfully so. There is no greater enemy than the one that claims that the money the State emits is based on an illusion and a lie, and presents a better plan to boot. The question remains whether it has the judicial means to arrest me. The Question whether the people will vote with its feet is even bigger.

It’s all a matter of transition period. You’ll see that we can get by without governments just fine. They are made up of politicians, and those are just as insecure as their heads are big, and civil servants (the ones who follow orders).

The most important government task is shifting money around. At least, that’s all politics do, leaving aside symbol legislation. I don’t really know what else they do, but all the rules they’ve cooked up for schools, doctors, hospitals etc. we can do without. Frankly, I don’t even know all these rules. A complete Judicial Code book costs thousands Euro, is about three feet thick and can only be read by lawyers. Do you think that is of any use to us? It is of use to the ones who claim “property”, the ones who consider themselves “rich”. The story came to an end.

From the grass roots up we will find new rules, hopefully we won’t need many of those. Grass roots means there is no “Government”, but more a “Sovereign entity”. I am my own Sovereign Entity. So that makes the Sovereign Entity of I, “my” girlfriend and the plans we have in our house. We don’t have any animals yet, but they would have been included. The next SE (Sovereign Entity) is with the neighbours, the building, the street, whatever. You make up your own.

Remember the rules of section on Law and Politics in chapter More Guidelines?

Nobody can force their will to someone else. A majority does not overrule a minority. Only when everybody agrees a decision is taken and before that... the time isn’t ripe yet.