Your pension, if you are to have one, has been safely invested in big pension funds. Let’s see where it was invested... State bonds. Real estate, or in other words offices and residences. I can’t speculate on the future. I won’t make any predictions about how these investments will fare.

I do know how much pension I’ve saved up so far. In 2036 I will get a “royal” 900 Euro per year. Whenever a pension advisor comes to me I ask him how many bags of potatoes that will buy me in 2036. The advisor always tells me that nobody knows, because nobody knows what money will be worth in 2036.

With this one question I put them in their proper place. I don’t care how much money my pension will be worth. I want to live in a house, eat every day and have decent health care. How much is that going to cost me in 2036?

And that is the big colourcash advantage. Prices are fixed. In so far that when you get your potatoes from far away, they will be more expensive. But those are real price differences. No speculation, no hyperinflation.

If you want to spend the twilight years of your life, like me, living in a colourcash system, we must start now. No-one else will take care of it for us. This is what is called taking up your responsibilities these days. Very modern. My pension? A rocking chair, a French farm, all kinds of animals and a house filled with family.