The biggest fear in a Capitalist world is bankruptcy. If your debt is too high and you don’t have any future prospects all your possessions are sold for twice nothing to the bank. Main cause: Interest. Secondary cause, a system where competition and “being the leader of the pack” are the main values. Third cause, Bad luck. It could happen to anyone. Only some of us get out of it a bit easier than others. Quite often you loose everything, your house, your job and often your wife. To prevent this bankruptcy you have to earn a lot of money and save a nice sum to boot.

Entire countries went bankrupt, bust. Lost everything. Everything sold for a song to foreign money men. Thanks to interest and greedy dictators. And thanks to Western banks who lent “our” money. And now we complain that poor countries have built up such a huge debt...

There is no such thing as bankruptcy in colourcash. People work together, help each other. Loans are temporary and are written off on day “zero”. When you go bust in a Black and White money system, you should be able to join group for your daily existence. The drain starts at the bottom, doesn’t it?