More Guidelines

Respect the cycle

People organize themselves in cycles which have "space" for everybody. Nobody has the exclusive rights to the middle of the circle. All production processes are organized in a cycle, otherwise they can't make up an organism that produces an organic end product. This means that recycling and de- construction is taken into account at production.

Neglecting to recycle is not "a capital crime" but is merely indicated with the colour Blue instead of Green.

Watch out for Smurfs!

If you only get products that are "Blue", you run the risk of collecting so much Blue that you change, as a manner of speaking, into a Smurf.

When your property has run out of fertility, you can't cultivate any vegetables, you are a Smurf. Your animals won't be fed and your children will go hungry. You will depend on your neighbours They will help you, unless they have become Smurfs themselves.

Responsibility and transfer

There is no possession in colourcash. The Earth is the Earth and all its inhabitants can equally claim to use it. Everybody born on this planet is "earthling" and has the same rights. Every Earthling can get the responsibility for certain goods, fields, animals. But this is not "property", because there is no monopoly.

The responsibility can be transferred in a "trade transaction". The place of goods can change, but there is no notion of possession.

Compare it to the situation with your children, they're your children, true enough, but you don't "possess" them. You can't do anything you want with them because they are independent, worthy beings.

Openness and transparency

The complete truth can only be known when there is complete transparency. The common situation and the individual situation can only be known when all data about all transactions are public access.

Time, space and money

Labour can't be measured in time, only in space. For example in the case of transport speed isn't the issue but rather how much labour, or force, effort, is needed: Fast or slow both require the same amount of power. That is a physical law. The faster the transport, the more energy is needed, often leading to waste. Slower is more economical, however, we want or tomatoes to get there fresh. Deciding the ideal mode of transport is the trick.

Time is Art

A Maya-wisdom that could also mean: being on time is the art. This also means in any case that time isn't money.

Space is money

The Sun irradiates the entire Earth and it's up to this Earth to catch and store this energy. This is done in the form of Life. The more space something takes up, the more energy it captures, the more Red it turns.

So it's essential to make optimal use of the Earth's surface. Optimal means in our case: Energy-producing. Plants, Life. Fields produce Red, food. Forests are life, so Red. Useful. Distribution centres, roads and offices also take up space, but do not produce energy. This is not affordable. The surface built up with lifeless objects shall diminish to smaller, more reasonable, balanced proportions.

Patents and discoveries

All information is available for free. Even "inventions" are nothing more than a discovery of an already existing universal law and don't belong to the person who discovers it first. Patents and discoveries are not recognized as an individual right, but rather as a common responsibility.

Law and politics

All rules have to be accepted by the circles, Bigger circles have the option to adopt the same rules. Rules are basically decided from the bottom upwards. Everybody agrees in principle to those rules, otherwise no deal.

When there is no agreement about a decision,
talks continue until an agreement is reached.

There are no rules "from the top down". A majority cannot force it's will to a minority. The whole idea of hierarchy is no longer valid and is replaced with a circle where everybody has their place.