Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a joke?

That’s up to you to determine. Colourcash demands the simultaneous use of both left and right hand side of the brain. If you can only associate this with a joke, this says more about you than about colourcash.

Is this a new kind of Communism?

No. The section on Communism explains this in detail.

How can I join?

I am the author of this book, but at this point, I am no more than the author. Please use your own network and get your contacts involved to get this thing off the ground.

Is one allowed to emit one’s own money?

The Dutch State dit not block the Raam, the money published by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Limburg. So, yes, you can publish your own money. More important colourcash is not money! Money doesn’t mean anything and colourcash does.

There is no “transfer of ownership”, only “transfer of responsibility. The colourcash is only there to register this responsibility. There is no “aim for profit” or interest. There is no money. The State has nothing to do with it.

By the way, the example of the Mahirishi is just that, an example. It is not within our goals to set up a commune, sect or otherwise closed group.

#Is one allowed to set up one’s own community?

UN-resolution 1514.2 says that anybody has the right to develop socially, cultural and economically.

What are the advantages for me?

It’s important for you to reach balance, equilibrium. Whether you reach this by getting extra advantages or by cleaning up a number of disadvantages in your own day-to-day life, is up to you. It’s up to the individual to find their own reasons to join colourcash.

What has all this to do with God?

That is for you to decide.

How can I still get product X?

There are three possibilities. You could buy it for Euro on the Black and white market, no changes there. But thanks to colourcash repairing things has gotten a lot cheaper. Why not trying to get a broken appliance that you can use for spare parts? There is also the possibility to “liberate” technology. We need a lot of tools for e.g. butter, cheese, textile and rope that we can get from museums. Modern technology is often patented or uses industrial processes. Industrial machinery could be part of a colourcash inventory but will be one of the last things you really need.

How can I get service Y?

Services are lot easier to be had than products. In essence they are Man-hours. However, we depend on external companies for services as telephone, rail roads, electronics, internet, gas and water.

Maybe we should take a good look at this infrastructure to re- invent it in a better, free-er way. Not a rail road but a horse tram for example. A local network in your neighbourhood with a connection to a commercial provider. Your own electricity using solar panels and windmills. DIY is be far the best solution here.