Pollution is a subject that was on the original agenda to be tackled by the fore runners of colourcash. The essence of pollution is that you can afford to throw away stuff. Unnoticed, unseen and, in the least, unpunished.

Standard example is someone who drives a car. You buy a tank full of petrol, 50liters for instance. You pay. 65 Euro. After two weeks your tank runs dry. The fuel was burned and blown into the atmosphere via the exhaust pipe. To burn petrol you sent in oxygen via the air intake. That oxygen is now linked to carbon from the petrol. This we call CO2. Then there is whole range of other poisonous gases that were released. We also released water vapour, the all too visible smoke.

Colourcash doesn’t work this way. You buy 50 litres of petrol for about R 14 G1 B0 (per 100 gram). A total of R700 G500 B0. And now you drive. Gone is gone. The beauty of it is that you can recover the amount of Red through labour, but those Green 500 are gone forever. This will show up on the end balance. You remain responsible, even though you think the CO2 has disappeared.