Allowances, well fare

Welfare is needed for anyone who doesn't have an own income or whose own income is not sufficient to live on. It is provided by the State, a party that is used to shifting money from one side to another.

In colourcash, it’s different. It depends on what you decide in your Sovereign Entity, your village. You could opt for a base income, the amount of which is easily calculated on the expected income (harvest) divided by the number of inhabitants. You could opt for the “every man for himself” system and supplement any shortages. Which groups are we talking about?

There are children, the elderly, sick people, the unemployed (?). Then there are homeless people, illegal aliens, orphans, psychiatric patients, you name it. We are used to “box” people, but they’re all people. When they need an allowance, or more in general, help this is because they can’t look after themselves. In that sense everyone is equal, nobody can live without their neighbour.

It’s a bit patronizing to say; you’re older/younger than * and so * you need this and that. No, Every person is unique and who can’t hack it, needs a helping hand. Not based on statistics or other external numbers. In addition: because of aging population we can’t afford so many elderly people just “hanging on”.