Labour, work, pay, salary, wages... Of course you mean the work you do, but the words also indicate retribution. Nowadays hourly rate is popular, other than that we also know piece work. Minimum base wage is not very common.

In colourcash I presume this will change. Minimum base wage, guaranteed by your local community is on top of the list, followed by piece work. Hourly rate will become less important, due to the proposition Time Is Art, or, as others say, In Time Is The Art. This means that real value is in doing the work on the right moment, instead of counting all the unused, wasted time. This holds for creative people and agriculture.

Because larger life cycles are more expensive than smaller, short life cycles, the trend towards globalisation and up- scaling will be bent towards downscaling and localisation. This means that there will be less demand for boring, monotonous labour. Work close to home will be required for most jobs, because fuel will be so expensive. That is fun, you'll see your children's faces again instead of the dashboard of your car.