In Dutch, organic is called biologisch. There is a TV-campaign saying “Biological, it's so logical”.

But more expensive, says the shopkeeper. But healthier adds the doctor. But animal friendly, say the environmentalists. Which of the above we can delete? Let's delete the text of the shopkeeper. colourcash is biological - organic - and therefore always Logical. And cheaper, and healthier, and better for the animals. There can only be One who’s the most balanced.

To buy chemical fertilizer you will have to pay a lot of Red and Blue. The profit doesn’t rise however. Nor does the nutritional value. It’s possible the land yields more kilos of produce, but that is mostly water. The taste gets diluted.

The higher Red and Blue costs are immediately reflected in the price. Food should only cost Red and Green. Every hint of Blue immediately is noted. Hey! That guy still buys poison!