At the moment the Dutch have millions of animals. 150 Million chickens, 20 million cows, you name it. Because hardly any one is a cattle or fowl farmer in the traditional sense of the word, these animals live in “batteries”.

The impressive amounts of feed we buy abroad. The manure surplus hasn’t been solved completely, but the sting has been taken out of it for now. The milk quote and various plagues like BSE, foot and mouth-disease, aviary flu and swine fever wreaked havoc on the industry. Over 50%of the Dutch people turned, at least part time, vegetarian.

In colourcash it is advantageous to keep only a small amount of animals. I see an animal-friendly future, combined with some small-scale farming. Eating meat will cost about 7x the amount of Red than food from plants. Also milk, cheese and eggs will be more expensive, relatively speaking. On a small scale there is no problem to recycle manure, it can be used on the land, so the cycle is closed and there is no Green on the Blue heap.

Small scale animal keeping becomes economically viable in colourcash, whilst it is madness to farm animals on a small scale in a Black and White economy.