Greenhouse effect

The Greenhouse effect is one of the many “side effects” of the economy we know today. It can’t be helped; we can’t stop the huge amount of greenhouse gases emitted daily. Measures such as a huge ecotax are juridical and politically impossible. This is the result of our urge to compete. We are all so busy competing that we’re screwing up the Earth.

Fuel combustion wouldn’t be all that dramatic if we could recycle the CO2 released. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fuel from sunflower oil, corn, colza, the air would smell of fried potatoes. When you have enough space to grow your own fuel and keep doing so every year, there’s no problem.

But there is a problem with the present scale of oil use. I’m not saying that oil use is good or bad. I’m not saying bio-energy is good or bad. It’s about balance. We’ve lost the balance. Our use of fossil fuels is gigantic and there is hardly any renewal. This is bound to get us into trouble. The problem is the “cycle”, as always. In this case the exhausts stay in the atmosphere. These gases are mainly made up of water vapour and carbon dioxide (CO2). I never hear anybody complain about the water vapour, but the CO2 is a problem that leads to climate changes according to climatologists. Scientists, indeed.

What is happening on a global scale with the climate you can see in colourcash in the accounting. You will notice when a country has to import a lot of oil. You pay Red and Green for oil, and you don’t get anything in return. After use Red is burned and gone.