Without Money

More and more people are beginning to realize that colourcash isn’t the last step in idealism. They are looking for a world without money. Saves a lot of hassle. Being conscious and behaving consciously is what matters, whether and how you register this is a lot less important, if you know what you are doing at least.

And there is the knot. The whole world at this moment (2009) is off balance. More and more material is destroyed or burned, not recycle-able. Water supplies are under pressure, an oil peak is approaching rapidly. More and more people have to rely on the food bank, or, in Black and White, mankind and planet are doing worse and worse.

So we have to make sure we recycle everything, limit the use of energy, learn how to co-operate, share more, laugh together instead of being afraid of each other...

Once we’ve learned all this and we are in balance, and that could take a couple of centuries, we can put the RGB currency in a museum, next to the Pound, the dollar and the Euro.