It's not easy to describe the notion "Consciousness" objectively. One person sees the human being as a mechanical- chemical-biological being, the senses being the only connection between these components. Someone else, a growing part of the population- determines man as an "energy-being", and all people are connected by invisible "energy fields". This field is called "morphogenetic field" or "Collective consciousness/awareness" or simply "the field". This field would be the explanation why someone calls you just when you are thinking about them, or why someone turns their head when you look at them from behind. Whatever your interpretation, let me stick to "personal awareness.

The personal awareness is the way you look at the world. It has a direct influence on your behaviour. When you are aware that driving at high speed is dangerous, you will more than likely slow down. Or, when you know there are speed checks, you will drive a bit slower. It also works the other way round. When driving a car the world looks different than when riding a bike. The driver probably isn't aware it's more fun to use a bicycle. We keep this behaviour going via awareness. You don't know what you're missing.

In addition to Awareness or Consciousness and Behaviour, there is a third factor: the system. A system is a set of agreements, rules and procedures, plus an amount of information and goods that circle in it.

A pinball machine is a good example, with its lights, bumpers and counters. The ball goes round and round in the machine, from flipper to counter. And the counter on the display keeps the score. This is the system. The ball going round and round is our behaviour and the "consciousness or awareness" is the player. The fun, the excitement and the disappointment when the ball disappears...

System, consciousness and behaviour belong to and influence each other. The three represent a part of reality. The better they fit; I mean resemble each other, the more fun it is to play. It's called Coherence.

This book is about a system, colourcash. This is playing with colours and numbers. When we expand to mentality, co- operation, openness, transparency and the like, we are talking about typical elements of consciousness. What makes the player tick? We also hope to include behaviour in time. Then it will really work!