Modern health industry is a combination of petro chemistry and electro techniques. Old-fashioned hands-on practice (like checking a pulse) is a lost art. Impossible for an MD to do this in 7 minutes per patient.

The more patients a doctor have, the higher his income. This isn’t logical at all. One would say: the more sick people, the lower the income. This motivates people to get well. Taking more pills to counteract the side effects of other pills is a serpent biting its tail. This serpent is inherent to the system of research and financing in healthcare in general.

Century old and new healing sciences are rejected by “science” because they are outside their thinking box. But, healthcare the way we know it now rose in the era of Classical Mechanics. The laws of Action and Reaction are central in this way of thinking. Since Quantum mechanics expanded this frame of reference, health care hasn’t changed yet. Modernization of our healthcare system is delayed until its feeding ground, the financial system, is changed. This is going to happen now. More, see Drugs and Medication.