Debt only exists when possession exists. One man’s debt is another man’s wealth. However, we change the notion “possession” with “responsibility”. We won’t have any real debts any more. Because everything belongs to the Earth and so all is the Earth’s possession. It’s up to us to use everything in the cleanest possible way, so when we have to share, we’ll just have to share. This is not some one’s “debt”.

That is why we zero all the balances on July 25. You start over again, every year again. Every year starts with zero. Nice and easy. You could keep a record on how you were doing on July 24 and use it as a reference for the following year. Excellent.

Next to this notion of “debt” in a financial sense, there is a moral “debt”. Something went wrong somewhere and that is some one’s fault, someone’s debt. You get the Blame.

Right and Wrong are both sides of duality. Looking at it form a Trinity point of view you could say advantage and disadvantage. Even if some one is to blame for say, an atomic disaster the scale of the Tsjernobyl event then the advantage is that you learn it’s better not to generate nuclear power.

The State is to blame for a lot of things that go wrong in the environment. In the Netherlands a public servant can’t be prosecuted (since the Pikmeer arrest) for crimes against the environment under his supervision. He was doing “his job”. Because governments are collectively guilty of allowing crimes against the environment by industry, virtually all such crime goes unpunished. By dismantling the Government as State form this damage can be avoided.