We are used to low fuel prices. Petrol costs between Euro 1 and 1.50 per litre. A kilo of cauliflower costs a bit more. This is going to change. The Green value of a kilo of cauliflower and a litre of petrol are both 10 Green. 1 Green per 100 grams. Stays more or less the same as in the Capitalist system.

But here’s the trick. We’re going to take the Red value of the products. Cauliflower is not as expensive. It’s in the lowest class, 1/8 of the index, the index being sunflower oil, 8/8 or 1. Petrol contains more energy than sunflower oil. Powerful stuff. So on the scale it goes to class 10, so 10/8. Petrol will be about ten times more expensive then cauliflower.

Since the exhausts are dumped in the air, petrol has a Blue price in the ledger. A shame. Buying petrol is very expensive in Red and Green. You can earn Red through labour, so you can make up for that. OK; you’d have to save between 50% and 70%, but that’s easily done. But you can’t recover Blue. Buying Green and activating it as Blue, that’s going to show. Your financial data are public, so you are a marked man. You could borrow for a while, but then you’d have to reconsider your lifestyle. Maybe a sailing boat or a horse after all..