Export and Import

International trade is an important means for making profit in the modern Black and White economy. But the commerce grew out of bounds. Soup you can make better and tastier yourself, but it comes in a tin can from 30 countries. We don’t produce any more clothes in Holland, everything is imported from Asia. In other words; there is no balance between import-export and own production for domestic use.

International trade is still possible under colourcash. Trade as much as you want. What’s important is that you make agreements about which colour to use for payments, and where it’s valid. It’s important in colourcash to keep the money in your “own” cycle. When all the money flows to one side, the other side runs out of money. We already know this from the Black and White economy. Colourcash has a built-in security mechanism to avoid this kind of money-flight.

The same mechanism makes it so that you can’t import or export limitlessly from one side only. Countries can’t be sucked dry any more, as is the case now. Also for goods the circle has to close, unless you want to live on a Blue heap or turn into a Smurf.